Construction & Home
Builder Management System

Record records, keep copies of the plans, projects, list all transactions, costing details and tracks all the activities with alerts.
Project Cost
Track the entire project cycle from initial planning to job allocation and progress, including all communication history.
Integrated Document Management
Organise all project records in one place within the aoCRM System, including syncing to team laptops or mobile devices
Organise all job from different sources and projects in one place as part of the Customer Relations Management.
Accounts & Payment
Manage real-time payments, schedule payments and process all types of payments, including receipts, purchase orders, quotations and invoicing.
Timesheet & HR Management
The System easily links the  HR records, builders, and staff work activities, leaves, work schedules and communications in a timely manner.
Integrated Workflow
& Client Portal
The System is designed to deliver prompt, reliable and automated services through workflows that satisfies customers.
Marketing & SMS
The System helps businesses to track everyday business activity, allowing builder to make informed decisions towards growth.
Dashboard, Reports & KPI Notification
The System allows the business owner to focus on the core business in a daily, weekly and monthly basis with reporting capability.

Why do Construction & Home Builder use the AOCRM System?

AOCRM Construction & Home Builder Software is a leading cloud-based application for construction and building project management. AOCRM allows connection between builders, clients, applications, and devices through a unified software solution that helps construction firms manage risk and build quality projects, safely, on time, and within budget. aoCRM has a diversified business model with products for Construction Project Management, Construction Financials, and Quality & Safety.
Jobs Tracking
increase Win Rate
Job Cost Savings
Increase Revenue
Save  job Timeing

How do AOCRM Construction & Home Builder Software help increasing efficiency?

AOCRM Construction & Home Builder Software is a fully integrated Job, Sales, Estimating, Project and Financial software package for builders and construction firms which flows logically from step to step following the building process. The builders find AOCRM is very intuitive to use because the software follows the industry standards. AOCRM increases the major business efficiencies that integrate all aspects of a business into one single software solutions.
AOCRM Software replaces spreadsheets with an integrated job management process, connects the builders with effective workflows and increases team productivity. A single view of jobs and automated tasks workflow from the cloud keeps the entire team up to date with activities, including key contacts and every single interaction. aoCRM ensures that builders can connect, accelerate and close task both on the go or on the sites and back office.
AOCRM Software helps the business to create a personalized experience for the builders and completely streamlines the entire business workflow for builders, providing all the necessary tools that allow extremely accurate estimates and project planning to be built, quickly, using the choice of estimating methods, to graphical take-offs and estimating modelling using builder's predefined formulas and components and to build the necessary Bill of Quantities.
"AOCRM is a very user-friendly and easy to use CRM System which is better than any other solutions that we have used yet!"

What Makes Us So Special?

Improve your Cash Flow by Using One System to Manage Your Entire Business.


Our research team is always keen to identify innovative approaches towards productivity and business growth.


The System is designed thoughtfully with years of industry experience to address today's business challenges and prepare for the future.


We place high priority on the security of network, data and transactions, and is designed according to industry standards.  


We always focus on the best interest of the customer and maintain the solution delivery with highest possible standards.

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