Education & Legal Firm Management System

Global Lead
Organise all student leads from different sources (Web, Facebook) in one place as part of the Customer Relations Management
Track the entire applicant admission cycle from initial meeting to admission and visa launch, including all communication history
Integrated Document Management
Organise all student records in one place within the AOCRM System, including syncing to staff laptops or mobile devices
Enrolment Management
Record course and institute details, keep copies of the student applications, list all institute courses available, sub-agent details and commissions per course
Accounts & Payment
Manage real-time payments, schedule payments and process all types of payments, including receipts, commissions, fees, student loans and deposits
Sales Commission Management
The System easily links applicant records with education providers, agents and sub-agents to be able to calculate sales commission in a timely manner
Integrated Workflow
The System is designed to deliver prompt, reliable and automated services through workflows that satisfies customers
Bulk Email & SMS
The System helps businesses to track everyday business activity, allowing you to make informed decisions directed towards business growth
Dashboard, Reports & KPI Notification
The System allows the business owner to focus on the core business in a daily, weekly and monthly basis with dashboard & reporting capability

Why do Education & Migration Consultants use the AOCRM System?

Education & Migration CRM System from AOCRM assists education and migration agents to build extremely solid and trusted relationships with students and visa applicants. By utilizing the cloud, the aoCRM System establishes connections between the customers and the businesses — through social media channels like Facebook, web. The AOCRM System connects to every possible touch point and channels with students and directs the business by increasing performance throughout the student lifecycle.
Increase Lead
increase Win Rate
Automate business
Increase Revenue
improve Retention

How do Education & Migration Consultants Connect with Local or Overseas Student by Using the AOCRM Software?

Student Councilors or Agents are always the first point of contact for most of the local or overseas students. Therefore, the student admission process is the key to success. This includes the workflow, starting from lead generation, marketing, to admission completion. Our innovative CRM Software and Technology can assist the business effectively, enabling the ongoing needs of today’s students towards the best possible service offered by Student Councilors or Agents.
AOCRM Software helps the business to create a personalized experience for the students. In today's world, all students actively use online resources to research on their shortlisted colleges, universities, and other study options towards the future. Therefore, the prospective students have many choices when it comes to choosing what they want, and automated system-driven approach is very crucial towards the future success of the sales process.
AOCRM Software has been designed in consideration to the Student Councilors or Agents business workflow, including the challenges they generally face while working with their students. The Software's key selling point is how one system is able to manage the entire business, with easy upload and download of data, giving Education & Migration Agents a clear advantage in every possible way as part of admission process!
"AOCRM is a very user-friendly and easy to use CRM System which is better than any other solutions that we have used yet!"

What Makes Us So Special?

Improve your Cash Flow by Using One System to Manage Your Entire Business.


Our research team is always keen to identify innovative approaches towards productivity and business growth.


The System is designed thoughtfully with years of industry experience to address today's business challenges and prepare for the future.


We place high priority on the security of network, data and transactions, and is designed according to industry standards.  


We always focus on the best interest of the customer and maintain the solution delivery with highest possible standards.

How can aoCRM System Features will benefit Education & Migration Consultants?

Standard Plan
24/7 Tech Support
Lead Management
Institute Management
Course Management
Application Management
Student Management
Agent Management
Accounts Management
Scheduled Payment
Student Interview
Calendar Management
Communication History
Workflow Integration / Automation
Report & Dashboard
Bulk Email & Cutom Template
Appointment Management
Commision Management
Asset Mangement
Territory Management
Real-Time Payment
Direct Debit Payment
Professional Plan
Standard Plan Features +
Invoice Generation
Quotation Generation
Doccument Management
Email Integration
Sales Automation
Business Services Management
1 GB Data Storage Included 

Enterprise Plan
Professional Plan Features +
Migration Management
Marketing Management
HR Management *
Enterprise Support & Training *
Reception Automation *
10 GB Data Storage Included

* Additional CRM Module can be design and develop based on the requirements of the aoCRM System eligible customer!

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